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LTC John Norton JR U.S. Army Ret. lays a National Pathfinder Association Honor wreath in remembrance of the valor and legacy of U.S. Army Pathfinders at Normandy on
June 5th & 6th, 1944.

Our 11th PF Co. Chapter is hosting our NPA “BLACKHATS” Reunion at Fort Benning, GA in October 2015. The schedule will be Wednesday-Friday to take advantage of airborne and pathfinder-related special events that only occur during the week. A more detailed schedule is posted under the Information Tab.

National Pathfinder Association
    Fort Benning, GA
     29 September through 2 October 2015

 The National Pathfinder Association is establishing a foundation fund to
pay for two permanent Pathfinder Monuments to be placed at Ft. Benning and
Ft. Bragg. The above photos are examples of the two marble monuments and
will have the Pathfinder Torch on top and Master Jump Wings on the face with
the inscription, ‘U.S. Army Pathfinders, Past. Present and Future.’ Our NPA
Treasurer is setting up the non-profit foundation and will account for all
donations provided. The cost for each monument is $4500 and there is a
discount if you order two at the same time.

Building the 21st Century NPA
(as of September 2014)

Members of the National Pathfinder Association serve as the Honor Guard for U.S. Army Pathfinder history and legacy. Each of the following Team Chiefs and their Deputies have stepped forward to insure successful completion of the myriad tasks supporting our “Preserve the Legacy” mission.
Our NPA Joint Task Force is comprised of our finest Active Duty, Veteran and Honorary
Pathfinder leaders who are known to lean forward in the saddle and get'r done.
Team Chief ONE: LEGACY (Sir Robert “Foghat” Fogarty II) Honor the history and legacy of U.S. Army Pathfinders past, present and future; action all tasks in support of the NPA Hall of Fame; act as NPA liaison to U.S. military museums and history storage depots; coordinate the completion of permanent Pathfinder Memorials; act as POC for National Pathfinder Day; maintain NPA library of Pathfinder training and doctrine; manage NPA Facebook site; perform quartermaster duties for the NPA; facilitate Executive Board meetings IAW Robert’s Rules of Order. (Deputy Chiefs: CSM Shawn “Jump or Die” Jones, Carl “Greasegun” Lagle, David “Possum” McKee and Dave “Badger” Berry, Flint “Rifle” Whitlock)

Team Chief TWO: MEMBERSHIP (Dean ”Spanky” Nelson) Maintain the NPA’s Charter, Constitution and Bi-laws; Register all Annual,  Life-time, Honorary and Associate  members and  maintain the official rolls of the NPA; develop and maintain a supply of NPA registration kits, create the bi-annual  leadership of the Association IAW member’s nomination and electoral vote; manage the NPA website; publish NPA news articles. (Deputy Chiefs: Carl “Greasegun” Lagle, SGM Bill “Easy” Johnson and Steve “Brainiac Campbell.) 

Team Chief THREE: RECRUITING (1SG Eric “Snooky” Hunt) Develop the NPA’s full membership of active duty and veteran U.S. Army Pathfinders. Recruit corporate sponsors willing to support our Association’s special projects. (Deputy Chiefs: Andy “Dapper” Danwin and Pat “Dirt Ball” Dougherty.)

Team Chief FOUR: COUNSELOR (Ben “Blackhat 6” Buckley) Provide referral service for NPA member requests for assistance with Education, Employment, completion of military records and VA disability benefits. (Deputy Chiefs: Rob “Natty Bumpo 6 Mike” Wolaver, Hank “Dictionary” Fellerman and Bill “Polar Bear” Anton.)

Team Chief FIVE: AMBASSADOR (CSM Shawn “Jump or Die” Jones) Maintain a list of NPA Ambassadors for Pathfinder Graduations, action wreath laying ceremonies and Pathfinder memorial services. (Deputy Chiefs: Ben “Blackhat 6” Buckley and Jeff “Beetle” Bailey.)

Team Chief SIX: MARKETING (John “Dash” Norton JR.) Maintain the NPA’s non-profit military Association status; maintain fiscal responsibility; provide organizational development, public relations and marketing counsel to the NPA Board of Governors and NPA membership; create vendor kits and marketing merchandise inventory; develop a list of available professional speakers for NPA bi-annual reunions. (Deputy Chiefs: Dick “Rucksack 6” Gillem and Travis “Warrior” Schwarzer.)

Team Chief SEVEN: COMRADESHIP (CSM Shawn “Jump or Die” Jones, 2005 Ft. Campbell “COMRADESHIP”) (Pat “Dirt Ball” Dougherty, 2007 Ft. Campbell “HONORS”) (Danny “Bear” Rozier, 2009 Ft. Campbell “CHARTER”) (Bill “Polar Bear” Anton, 2011 Las Vegas “FIRST IN”) (Dick “Rucksack 6” Gillem, 2013 Williamsburg “LEGACY”) (Ben “Blackhat 6” Buckley, 2015 Ft. Benning “BLACKHATS”) (Dick “Rucksack 6” Gillem, 2017 Ft. Benning “WARRIOR” Reunion)

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See more about our Airborne Pathfinder brothers.
The US Airborne Pathfinders Association is joining forces with the National Pathfinder Association! This will make it easier for members to stay in contact with each other and find fellow Pathfinders. Please bear with us during the reconstruction of the Yahoo List Server. If you have our site bookmarked, you can stay updated. The USAPA domain name will expire in July and the hosting in October.
Look for more pages from the US Pathfinders site here.

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Four Stars of Valor by Phil Nordyke, 2006.This book outlines the exploits of the 505 PIR from North Africa to the end of WWII

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